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Updated April 2023

I am a 22-year-old French-American singer-songwriter and producer,  I graduatied from college in Summer 2023.

I moved from France to Northern California (Silicon Valley) 13  years ago with my family. I started making covers on YouTube at the age of 12. I remember seeing that my favorite artists had started on YouTube just making videos so I thought I’d give it a go. During the winter of 2017, I went to Los Angeles, California to meet some amazing people without whom I would not be here. One of them is Robby. He and I have been writing songs on a daily basis since October 2017, and we keep on writing!


We probably have a total of 30-40 songs by now. We decided in January 2018 to produce and release "16", my first EP with 3 of the songs we had written. I was 16 when I wrote them and my mom's first name is Sixtine, so "16" was kind of the obvious title. "Shine" is the first song I released.  I have now released many originals and am currently working on numerous projects.

What doing all of these covers on YouTube has taught me is how to use music and video editing software, which comes in really handy now. I just became an FL-Studio Power user.  I play Guitar, Piano, and drums. 


My dream is one day to go on tour to perform for my fans all around the world.  


Thank you for all your support! You guys are the best!





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